We make data big.

These days, everyone's making a big deal of big data. But the fact is, Automated Logic has been putting analytics to work in buildings for more than 30 years. We design and develop intuitive, intelligent, complete controls and interfaces that make it easy for building owners and managers to balance efficiency with occupant comfort. And in making it simpler to use building information and analytics to drive smart decisions, we make data big.



WebCtrl® Time-Lapse Graphics

Instant Replay for Your Building

The revolutionary new Time-lapse feature within the WebCTRL® system allows operators to roll back time, up to a 24-hour slice, and play back hours of real-time data in just minutes.

The Time-lapse feature provides the ability to look at floor plans, equipment graphics, trending and alarms over a past period of time so you can quickly identify, review and resolve building control issues. What better way to analyze and assess your system operations?

Building automation systems that make sense

Automated Logic is your total energy solutions provider. For more than 30 years, we have been dedicated to designing easy-to-use building automation systems that provide the highest possible energy efficiency, while ensuring occupant comfort.

Through our global network of company branches and independently owned dealers, we offer industry-leading technology with local, on-the-ground service that is hard to beat.

Built on the BACnet backbone, Automated Logic systems and services integrate the strengths of multiple subsystems to provide custom solutions that meet our clients’ energy and comfort objectives. Our clients range from small, family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. Automated Logic is part of United Technologies Corporation, a Fortune 100 global technology leader.

Ten times easier to manage than other control systems.

Technology today that supports the buildings of tomorrow

For more than three decades, Automated Logic has provided advanced technology that simplifies building automation and helps meet the increasing demand for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our technology solutions include:

  • WebCTRL® software, our web-based building automation system that helps control and monitor energy usage over time.
  • Automated Logic’s EnergyReports and Environmental Index features, which when combined, offer a complete view of energy consumption and occupant comfort level that matches sustainable building performance metrics like LEED® green building program.
  • EIKON® graphical programming, a uniquely powerful, universal programming tool that has revolutioned the display data channel industry.
  • I/O Hardware, which has been consistently recognized for its superior performance, design and reliability.

A commitment to customer support that circles the globe



Automated Logic’s global network of authorized partners is composed of system integrators with proven experience in building automation, energy management and control. Our network of more than 150 company branches and independently owned dealers guides customers through the process of designing, engineering, installing and maintaining all of our building automation products.

Our technology is installed in thousands of commercial office buildings, industrial plants, critical mission facilities, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, government complexes and hospitality and entertainment venues, as well as retail locations worldwide.

Through our headquarters near Atlanta, GA and our branches and dealers around the world, Automated Logic combines the experience and service you expect from a local company with the innovation and engineering resources of a global service provider.

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