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Automated Logic hardware is as durable as it is functional. For effective oversight and quality assurance, our products are designed and assembled at our own facilities. Our products contain the most advanced microprocessors and co-processors to ensure high-speed communication; flash memory for simple remote upgrades; high-resolution inputs and outputs for precision control; and built-in surge and transient protection circuitry for reliable operation. All of our products feature cost-effective, modular construction and meet stringent UL, FCC, CE and BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) specifications.

There is a wealth of technical and support information available for our products, beyond the specification sheets on each product page here. Feel free to contact your local Automated Logic field office, or make a request on our Contact page and we will be more than happy to see that your needs are met.

BACnet Router

Designed to route information between various BACnet datalinks, including IP, Ethernet, ARCNET 156kbps, MS/TP and PTP, our high speed BACnet router is extremely powerful and can connect hundreds of BACnet control modules to a BACnet/IP backbone.

Control Module

Automated Logic's line of control modules include multi-equipment application (ME and M line), single-equipment application (SE line), and unitary-equipment application (ZN line) controllers, lighting controls (LC line), as well as a router/controller module, and BACview®, our operator interface keypad. 

ALC modules have various compliance listings including UL, UUKL (Smoke Control), CE and FCC. Check individual modules for specific listings.