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As people around the world adjust to a new normal, the health of our buildings – and how they influence personal health – is top of mind for all. COVID-19 has highlighted what’s important in the spaces where we live and work – that indoor environments can play a critical role in public health.


Our Healthy Building Solutions include advanced products and services that help deliver healthier, safer, more efficient, and more productive indoor environments. Our experts will work closely with you to design, maintain, operate, and sustain your buildings to help protect what’s most important – the health of those inside.

Our Healthy Building Solutions are powered by the WebCTRL Building Automation System:

Environmental sensors, controls, and control strategies that work together to help optimize indoor air quality (IAQ), for building occupants.

Occupant Engagement Tools that provide building occupants with real-time visibility into air quality metrics in their surrounding areas.

Facility Management Tools that help building operators manage occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and overall building health.

Remote Diagnostics & Resolution Services that allow our Experts to remotely manage your building’s systems, providing a safe and comfortable environment for occupants with little or no visits to the site.



A generation of research and experience has proven that when properly maintained and operated, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) can reduce the spread of viruses. These critical building systems not only provide thermal comfort but, according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air- Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), may also improve resistance to infection.

Air-Cleaning and Filtration: Addressing the Unseen in the "New Normal"

The world has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Business leaders are working to understand a “new normal” that may involve profound changes in how they manage and support their people.

Shining a Spotlight on HVAC Ultraviolet Technologies to Fight Disease Transmission

The emergence of SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19, has renewed focus on commercial buildings as a crucial line of defense in fighting the spread of disease. Building owners and engineers who adopt a “layered” strategy of comprehensive planning, strengthened administrative controls, and optimized HVAC systems and practices can improve their capacity to minimize disease transmission in the workplace.

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Environmental Sensors and Controls

Zone Occupancy Sensors monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and occupant presence in a space to optimize ventilation rates and the use of HVAC systems.

Air Quality Sensors monitor carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), pressure, humidity, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to optimize the use of HVAC systems, helping to ensure healthy air quality within the building.

Environmental controls and control strategies help optimize the use of HVAC systems to ensure optimal ventilation rates, temperature, and humidity for building occupants.

Occupant Engagement Tools

Automated Logic® OptiPoint IAQ displays are wall-mounted, full-color displays that can provide building occupants with real-time visibility to indoor air quality metrics in their immediate area.

Available in three sizes, they feature an illuminated color, capacitive touchscreen display and are designed to connect make the management of the connected HVAC equipment both intuitive and simple. These fully customizable devices feature a simple to operate interface for building occupants, but powerful enough to provide technicians a complete interface for maintaining equipment.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Features a simple-to-understand Healthy Index, displayed as a percentage conveying overall indoor air quality in the zone
  • Draw occupant’s attention to important information with conditional alarming, color changes, and graphic animations
  • Can serve as a technician’s HVAC equipment interface

The EnergyReports Eco-Screen® kiosk helps building owners engage building occupants in your building’s health and sustainability measures. It’s an innovative showcase that brings your building to life, making its behind-the-scenes workings, engaging, and interactive.

Designed for a non-technical audience, the EnergyReports Eco-Screen Edition retrieves information from the WebCTRL® building automation system and other sub-metered and renewable generation systems and makes it accessible to those who impact building performance the most - building occupants. By increasing awareness of building health, safety, and sustainability initiatives in your facility, people and teams across your organization are encouraged to collaborate around shared goals.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Educates building occupants about building health and sustainability initiatives and progress to drive occupant awareness and action
  • Delivers interactive and dynamic displays of building data that can be shared across the organization
  • Supports display on a public touchscreen, company intranet, and mobile devices

EnergyReports Analytics and Dashboards Editions deliver advanced building portfolio analytics, enabling faster, data-driven building performance decisions. Actionable insights, delivered via dashboards, to manage health, comfort, energy, and sustainability performance for your entire portfolio of buildings.

Easily build ad hoc reports and dashboards to identify air quality problems with heat maps, or fluctuating building trends with drift maps, created with real-time data. Share your reports and insights easily with others through shared dashboards, scheduled emails, and data exports.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easily create dashboards using our simple drag-and-drop tools to analyze and share your data in unique ways
  • Dig deep into the performance of a single building or across your aggregated portfolio.
  • Share your reports and insights easily with others through shared dashboards, scheduled emails, and data exports

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Facility Management Tools

The WebCTRL Environmental Index tool, a standard feature of the WebCTRL system, enables building operators to manage critical air quality factors such as temperature, humidity, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and CO2 levels. The tool uses all four metrics to compute a numeric “comfort” score, making it easy to understand building performance at a glance and take action if necessary.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The Environmental Index tool score is calculated, trended, and reported at the building, area, tenant, floor, and zone levels
  • Helps facility managers identify problem areas quickly and take remedial action
  • Helps achieve LEED® EB EA Credit 3.3 - WebCTRL system reports the percentage of time that comfort is maintained on a floor weighted basis

WebCTRL Time-lapse graphics, a standard feature of the WebCTRL system, allow building operators to look at floor plans, equipment graphics, trends and alarms over a past period of time so you can quickly identify and resolve building control issues.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Rewind: Rollback hours of building operations data in just minutes.
  • Review: Quickly pinpoint the source of any issues impacting energy use and occupant comfort.
  • Resolve: Restore healthy operations throughout your building.

The WebCTRL Fault Detection & Diagnostics library of control sequences, as described in ASHRAE Guideline 36-2018, provides best-in-class sequences of operation for HVAC systems that help maximize indoor air quality, occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and provide real-time fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) for operators.

FDD identifies anomalies in the performance of critical HVAC equipment such as AHUs, chillers, dampers, pumps, exhaust fans, etc. and provides you guided insights into what the common causes of these problems might be. This can save you valuable time in detecting and diagnosing common HVAC issues helping facility managers keep occupants comfortable, productive, and healthy.

The ACxelerate automated commissioning tool delivers confidence that the building’s air system is commissioned correctly and that air is flowing properly. The ACxelerate tool can run on-demand or on a schedule. Once initiated, it discovers all VAV terminal units and air handling units in the WebCTRL system and maps the necessary data points for testing. Next, a set of functional tests automatically exercises the dampers and reheat valves in the VAV system. The test data is then analyzed based on known physical behavior patterns and faults of VAVs, such as “stuck,” “over-stroking,” or “under-stroking” dampers and valves.

Upon completion of the functional tests, the ACxelerate tool delivers a report that provides documented proof that the air system is functioning as designed.

WebCTRL® Enterprise Integrations allow facility managers to connect facility systems and equipment seamlessly, delivering centralized control with a single user interface. We make it easy for you to view and share data throughout your enterprise and beyond.

Security-Based Occupancy Sensing provides real-time integration to access control systems such as the Lenel® OnGuard® so that building occupancy can be determined based on access card swipes. Display live occupancy metrics in the WebCTRL system and manage ventilation, heating, cooling, and lighting systems based on where occupants reside in the building.


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