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Our intelligent building ecosystem provides you with powerful web-based tools that help keep occupants comfortable, manage energy conservation measures, identify key operational problems and analyze the results. And, best of all, this can all be done anytime and anywhere, through a variety of Internet devices, from desktop PCs to web-enabled cell phones.


Across applications and industries, Automated Logic translates ideas and visions into real solutions for intelligent buildings. We give you the data, insight and control you need to ensure occupant comfort and efficient operation of your building’s core systems. Browse below to learn more about our solutions.

Intelligent Building Solutions - Building Controls

Manage all aspects of your intelligent building with open, integrated and fully-featured control solutions, from native BACnet controllers and wireless room sensors, to our industry-leading WebCTRL® software.

Empower your facility with intuitive solutions

Empower your facility with intuitive solutions that go beyond typical building automation systems. Our customizable tools provide actionable insights, giving you the ability to learn through analysis and change operations accordingly.

Built on the BACnet® backbone, Automated Logic systems and services integrate the strengths of multiple subsystems to provide custom solutions that meet our clients’ energy and comfort objectives. Our building automation technology is installed in thousands of commercial buildings and facilities worldwide. Our clients range from small, family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

Connect all your facilities, systems and equipment seamlessly and gain centralized control with a single user interface. We make it easy for you to view and share data throughout your enterprise and beyond.

With tighter operating budgets, stricter government guidelines and increasing public awareness, energy savings and resource conservation have become top priorities in the public and private sectors. And with those priorities, sustainable building operations must adhere to both energy use concerns and occupant comfort.  Facility managers know that saving on energy costs cannot come at the expense of comfort. Studies have linked comfort levels to error rates and productivity, absenteeism and even successful classroom learning. The key is to strike a predictable and measurable balance – and to maintain that balance consistently.  That’s where the WebCTRL system comes in, with features like setpoint optimization, trending information, thermographic color floor plans and demand reduction, it not only saves you energy, it lowers costs — all while maintaining the optimal level of occupant comfort.

Streamline energy use with powerful visualization tools that provide insights on usage patterns and load priorities so that you can optimize building performance.

The EnergyReports™ Analytics Edition helps you make faster, data-driven building energy management decisions by providing advanced analytics, machine learning, and actionable insights to reduce costs, save time, and forecast and track performance. The EnergyReports Analytics Edition builds upon the EnergyReports Dashboards Edition by adding several key analysis and visualization capabilities for advanced energy management across your building portfolio.

Make decisions based on better intelligence with technology and support services designed to track performance, make predictions and anticipate changes in your building.

Intelligent buildings start with smarter equipment. At OEMCtrl, we empower you to build smart technology into your solutions so your customer can experience improved access to data, enhanced control and greater energy savings.

Meet the needs of customers across a range of applications by incorporating smarter technology into your HVAC equipment for better control and comfort, greater energy savings, and improved access to data.

Explore specialized solutions that thelp address challenges across a range of industries

Explore specialized solutions that help address challenges across a range of industries including healthcare, education, government and more.

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