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Arielle Barnes

Arielle Barnes is the ALC Factory Certified Instructor for the Southern California region. Arielle has been in the Building Automation industry for more than 10 years. She has a background in HVAC graphic engineering, design, and implementation. She’s worked across multiple types of commercial sites working directly with customers and technicians. Arielle brings this experience and creative energy to the classroom.

Clive Caplin

Clive Caplin is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for the United Kingdom. Clive joined Automated Logic in 2006 and has a combined 40 years in the building automation controls industry. Clive brings vast knowledge in engineering, sales, marketing and most recently, training to support the United Kingdom in his Regional Account Manager role.

Aaron Chesnes

Aaron Chesnes is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for the New England area. Aaron has worked with Automated Logic for 12 years, most recently as a Field Engineering Supervisor prior to taking on the instructor role. Aaron’s prior experience includes system commissioning, job start-up and maintenance, controls troubleshooting, and software programming.

John Diaz de Leon

John Diaz de Leon is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for the Texas area. John joined Automated Logic in 1999 as a System Specialist. After several years, he took on an expanded role as a Certified Energy Manager (CEM, CDSM), where he helped customers implement cost-saving strategies and energy reporting in their buildings. This experience has provided John with a solid background to help train building operators and technicians on controls and building automation systems.

Chris Dolinger

Chris Dolinger is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for WHQ in Kennesaw, Georgia. Chris joined Automated Logic in 2020, and brings with him 10+ years of experience in the building automation industry. His past experience includes project management, design, installation and commissioning of building automation systems. Chris’ understanding of a project from start to finish is amplified in his teaching and the learning environment.

James Ennis

James “Jim” Ennis is the Controls Training Development Lead for WHQ in Kennesaw, Georgia. His journey started as a Field Engineer for the building automation industry before joining Automated Logic in 2013. Alongside instructing, Jim heads up the eLearning program which includes virtual course instruction, development/updates to courses, and maintaining the Learning Management System.

Derick Hopkins

Derick Hopkins is the ALC Factory Certified Instructor for the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, and the Pacific Northwest region. He has demonstrated history in the construction field. Over the past 20 years, he has transitioned from a field technician with service, start-up and controls experience, to construction supervisor to corporate instructor. Derick has dedicated the latter part of his career to breaking down complicated information into smaller principles that students can relate to.

Marcel Maijers

Marcel Maijers is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for the Central Europe region. Marcel began his career in the building automation industry in 1999, with his latest years focusing on sales and support as the Regional Sales Manager for Automated Logic. Marcel trains, supports, and develops new partners to a self-sufficient level to execute their projects.

Jeff Majetic

Jeff Majetic is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for the North Central area. Jeff has 25+ years in the controls manufacturing industry including Alpha Test Engineer and Technical Support Manager. His knowledge in creating custom-designed training programs and his vast knowledge of the controls industry provide a great learning experience for his students.

David Ramos

David Ramos is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for the Latin America area. David began his venture in the building automation industry in the early 2000’s as a Technical Support Engineer. David wears many hats, is involved in multiple roles, and provides support for the Automated Logic product through engineering, technical support, and training.

Jeffrey Streutker

Jeffrey Streutker is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for the Ontario, Canada province. Jeffrey joined Automated Logic in 1995 and gained a vast array of knowledge throughout his career as an IT Network Administrator, IT Security Designer, Building Automation System Designer and most currently, instructing. Jeffrey prides himself on educating others and finds great joy receiving feedback from prior students on everyday application of the techniques and knowledge garnered in his class.

Kirk Strobel

Kirk Strobel is the Digital Solutions Instructor/Developer for WHQ in Kennesaw, Georgia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management / Computer Science, several IT related industry certifications and 20+ years in the HVAC industry. Kirk enjoys sharing his years of experience and knowledge on the intricacies of the combined HVAC and Information Technology worlds to his students in a relatable format.

Olaf Swarttouw

Olaf Swarttouw is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for the Central Europe region. Olaf has extensive experience in the building automation industry, previously in the role of Project and Service manager. Olaf’s current role has expanded into providing sales support and training.

Glenn Tarulli

Glenn Tarulli is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for the New York/New Jersey area. Glenn started his career in the building automation industry in 1986. During this time, he expanded his knowledge base through many roles; Project Engineer, Project Manager, Operations Manager and Director of Technical Services. Glenn joined Automated Logic in 2004 and moved into an instructor role in 2011 where he’s been sharing his knowledge since. Glenn’s breadth of knowledge allows the students to apply “real-world” experience to every day situations.

Darryl Trombley

Darryl Trombley is the ALC Factory Certified instructor and developer for WHQ in Kennesaw, Georgia. Darryl started in the HVAC trades right out of high school in the early 80’s. In addition to his years as a Service Mechanic, he spent time as a Chief Building Engineer and Controls Designer & Programmer. In 2005, Darryl began his journey with Automated Logic’s WebCTRL product and developed training for his customers and their Building Management System. Darryl continues to educate the customer not only in the classroom, but also with the Owner Operator focused webinar series.

Kevin Tsai

Kevin Tsai is the ALC Factory Certified instructor for the South East Asia region. Kevin has been in the building automation industry and working specifically with the Automated Logic product since 2012. Kevin provides a wealth of knowledge not only in his training but also in his role as Senior Tech Support Engineer.

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