Canadian Real-Estate Investment Trust


The Solution

CREIT Management LP has a proven track record of acquiring high quality real-estate assets that provide outstanding business accommodation to its tenants. CREIT is focused on continuous improvements in building performance, which drove the decision to acquire a new Building Automation System for 175 Bloor St. East. Automated Logic Canada was chosen through a rigorous tender process to provide a new BAS for this Class A rental space in midtown Toronto.

During the installation, energy saving opportunities were identified through the increased vision into the mechanical systems provided through the new ALC BAS. For example, via scheduling and set-point adjustments, CREIT has been able to maintain the building in a free-cooling state up to 5°C higher ambient outdoor air temperature than previously possible. The ALC graphics and simple graphical programming have allowed the operations team to understand and manipulate the existing equipment for optimal performance.

CREIT – Canadian Real-Estate Investment Trust

Client: CREIT Management LP

Location: Ontario, Canada

Controls Contractor: Automated Logic Canada

Project Type: Mixed Use

Building Size: 587,000 square feet

Provide new Building Automation System

Design Considerations: Improving the performance of an existing asset

Major Decision Drivers

  • Energy savings
  • Tenant comfort
  • ROI

HVAC Controls WebCTRL® System

Installation Date: 2012-2013


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