Ft. Wayne Community Schools

The Challenge

The Automated Logic/J&T Systems Partnership recently completed two phases of a multi-phase building control retrofit project for the Ft. Wayne Community Schools system. Judging from the installation’s performance so far, the venture “aced” all aspects of the project.

With 32,000 students,Indiana’s second largest school system was under the district’s energy management savings (EMS) mandate to begin 24x7 fire/security real-time monitoring while reducing energy expenditures. Proprietary systems from two other companies were already in place. The existing operation was not fully Y2K compliant. The project involved more than 1,600 automation points. In addition, school was in session throughout much of the scheduled installation period.

Teamed up for the challenge, the partnership won the performance contract over three competitors and successfully completed their two assigned phases on time (July - Oct. 1998 and July 1999 - Jan. 2000). More importantly, the installation tied into an existing system by being the first to communicate over the district’s Ethernet LAN using the LGRM-E (high performance ethernet router). In addition to its projected hardware and energy savings, the district saved additional funds with the elimination of several phone lines.

One workstation will eventually monitor all of the school system’s 56 buildings and host systems (13 schools are currently online). “Our Supervisor of Mechanical Maintenance gives high marks to Automated Logic’s graphics, navigation, ease of use and service support. And I was particularly impressed with the system’s native BACnet® communications capabilities,” commented Mike Lindsey, the district’s Manager of Maintenance Operations.

Tom Joslin, Sr., an industry veteran and head of Muncie-based J&T Systems, adds, “What clinched the contract for us were the benefits the district received by working with a smaller company that could be more flexible and responsive. Our relationship with Automated Logic combines their considerable strengths with our company’s local presence, dedication and support. So customers get a superior product backed by our technical competence and accessibility.

“And that took us to the head of the class.”

Client: Ft. Wayne Community Schools

Location: Ft. Wayne, IN

Controls Contractor: J & T Systems Inc., Muncie, IN

Installation Date: 2001


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