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KRP Properties has a proven track record of acquiring high quality real-estate assets that provide outstanding business accommodation to its tenants. KRP is focused on continuous improvements in building performance, campus wide sustainability measures and green initiatives. These corporate values, along with major tenant discomfort issues drove the decision to acquire a new Building Automation System for their 411 Legget property. Automated Logic Canada was chosen through a rigorous competitive bid process to provide a new BAS for this Class A rental space in Kanata.

During the installation, many energy conservation measures were implemented and the complete building sequence of operations was completely revamped to optimize energy savings and comfort throughout the facility. Working with the local utility, Hydro Ottawa, Automated Logic was able to secure incentives for the client to complete the project in the amount of 75% of the total project cost. The project was a success story for KRP Properties, Automated Logic and Hydro Ottawa. The utility produced a video case study on KRP and the project is now featured on their website.

Automated Logic has secured 2 additional buildings with KRP following the model and success of the 411 Legget project. Below is the link to the Hydro Ottawa video case study.

Client: KRP Properties

Location: 411 Legget Dr, Ottawa, Canada

Controls Contractor: Automated Logic Canada

Project Type: Energy

Building Size: 140,000 sq. ft.

Replacement of Building Automation System

Design Considerations: Improving the performance of an existing asset

Major Decision Drivers

  • Energy savings
  • tenant comfort
  • ROI

HVAC Controls Automated Logic’s WebCTRL

Installation Date: 2014 – 2015

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