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The WebCTRL building automation system's open architecture and support for industry standards make integration with third-party mechanical and electrical building subsystems easy.

Edwards® EST3: Life Safety Control Platform

There has been an integration solution between the WebCTRL® system and the Edwards® EST3: Life Safety Control Platform for more than a decade. The recently updated integration enables additional capabilities, accelerated integration, and updates the communication to the Edwards Communication Protocol v5.29.

Use Cases

  • Coordinated smoke control and evacuation between the Edwards and WebCTRL systems
    • Centralized status monitoring for facilities maintenance and event response within the WebCTRL system
  • Enhanced periodic test reporting of the Edwards system with WebCTRL system reporting
    • Improved data visualization and dashboarding of fire systems with WebCTRL system
  • Enhanced Reporting
    • Enables WebCTRL system to report on periodic smoke evacuation and control system tests. Detailed WebCTRL monitoring and reporting can be used to quickly diagnose specific failures resulting from a test.

Upgrades and changes from previous version

  • Upgraded to Edwards Communication Protocol v5.29
  • Firmware upgrades dramatically increase point capacity from point per device state to point per end device.
  • Includes EIKON® software for the WebCTRL® system scripting tool “Edwards Integration Helper” to generate points in the WebCTRL system , increasing inegration efficiency.


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