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Automated Logic Launches IntelliSuite™ Analytics Solution, Providing Tools and Expertise to Optimize Building Performance


Buildings generate a lot of data, and with the right people and tools, this data can be used to help predict and prevent equipment failures, improve occupant comfort and reduce operating costs. The new IntelliSuite™ Analytics Solution from Automated Logic helps make this all possible with a comprehensive set of applications, services and expert support to help optimize equipment and systems across your facilities. Automated Logic, a leading provider of innovative building-management solutions, is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

The IntelliSuite analytics solution is powered by the CORTIX® IoT platform. Adopted from EcoEnergy Insights, a leading provider of analytics-driven energy management and business outcome services and also a part of Carrier, this advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform can predict failures and maintenance issues, while also helping pinpoint efficiency improvements. Proactive recommendations are made to improve performance, either directly by the Automated Logic team of experts or through actionable reports compiled for dealers and customers. The recommendations are then fed back into the platform, enabling CORTIX to "learn" their effectiveness and use the information to predict similar situations in the future. The more outcomes that are fed to the CORTIX platform, the smarter the platform becomes.

“We are happy to provide customers with applications and services that help deliver energy and business improvements,” said Mead Rusert, President, Automated Logic. “Our IntelliSuite™ analytics solution utilizes predictive analytics to provide actionable insights and expertise that you can count on, while delivering both energy and operational outcomes.”

The first IntelliSuite application is WebCTRL® Health Monitoring, which gives Automated Logic dealers insight into the health of a customer’s WebCTRL® building automation system and its associated controllers. An intuitive web portal feeds key performance indicators (KPIs) through online dashboards, providing a complete picture of system health in real time. Customer reports are also generated, so that the dealer can share insights and proactive maintenance strategies to help improve the performance and extend the life of their WebCTRL systems.

“The actionable insights report from the WebCTRL Health Monitoring application informed us that a customer’s WebCTRL application utilization was above the critical limit of 90%, and that a critical controller’s flash memory utilization was full,” said Paul Lane, Account Manager for Automatic Controls Equipment Systems, an Automated Logic dealer in St. Louis, Missouri. “These two issues could have caused data loss and poor system performance, but we were able to correct them proactively based on the insights provided.”

Additional IntelliSuite™ applications are also on the horizon. These applications will monitor the health of mechanical equipment, including rooftop units, chillers and air handling units.

All IntelliSuite applications will be backed by the IntelliSuite Command Center, located on the Automated Logic campus in Kennesaw, Georgia, where experts are standing by to help interpret building data, and to assist with the implementation of advanced energy reduction and proactive maintenance strategies.

For more information on the IntelliSuite Analytics Solution, please watch the video or follow @AutomatedLogic on LinkedIn.