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Automated Logic’s WebCTRL® System Enables First of its Kind Dashboard for Critical Healthcare Facilities

Kennesaw, Ga. -

Automated Logic Corporation is collaborating with the non-profit Powered for Patients to launch a first of its kind dashboard that addresses the technology challenges associated with providing real-time or near real-time status reports for emergency power supply systems in healthcare facilities. The dashboard harnesses the power of the WebCTRL® building automation system and allows government officials and utilities to quickly see the status of unfolding threats to emergency power. With this near real time information, government officials and utilities can expedite their response to assist a facility before patient safety is compromised. Automated Logic, a leading provider of innovative building-management solutions, is a part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

Formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Powered for Patients works closely with public health leaders, emergency managers, utilities, healthcare facility managers and power generation industry leaders to help safeguard backup power and expedite power restoration for critical healthcare facilities. Automated Logic collaborated with Powered for Patients on the project funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to use WebCTRL to provide government officials and utilities the first-ever automated emergency power status reports from critical healthcare facilities dealing with extended power outages.

The project produced the Power P.I.O.N.E.E.R. (Power Information Needed to Expedite Emergency Response) Dashboard prototype, which provides government officials and utilities with a quick-glance view of unfolding threats to emergency power, as well as updates on the status of response activities. The dashboard synthesizes status reports from the WebCTRL system’s fault detection and diagnostic (FDD) capabilities, along with similar data streams from other technology providers, into a single data stream to populate the online dashboard with a red, yellow or green threat level indicator.

The built-in FDD capabilities of the WebCTRL system also allow hospital building operators to identify and respond to issues before they happen. Automated analytic tools uncover potential problems in HVAC and electrical equipment, enabling corrective action before system performance is compromised to ensure patient safety during a crisis such as a hurricane or other detrimental weather event.

Automated Logic’s WebCTRL system earned the designation of “Certified Power P.I.O.N.E.E.R. Provider” based on testing of Automated Logic’s Application Program Interface (API) by Powered for Patients. The tests verified the ability of the WebCTRL system to automatically share status reports on the condition of client emergency power systems with the Power P.I.O.N.E.E.R. Dashboard prototype.

Given Carrier’s role as a leading HVAC manufacturer, Automated Logic is now working with Powered for Patients to expand the Power P.I.O.N.E.E.R. Dashboard’s capability to include real time or near real-time HVAC status reporting.

“Powered for Patients is grateful to Automated Logic and Carrier for their collaboration with Powered for Patients and other industry leaders to help create the Power P.I.O.N.E.E.R. Dashboard prototype,” said Powered for Patients Founder Eric Cote. “We’re excited to build on our collaboration to add HVAC and ambient temperature reporting capabilities to the dashboard. This achievement will significantly expand the Power P.I.O.N.E.E.R. Dashboard’s ability to safeguard patients during extended power outages.”

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