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New OptiFlex™ Flexible, Scalable Integration Platform for the WebCTRL® Building Automation System


Building operators can now collect, capture and better leverage building data using the new OptiFlexTM virtual integrator platform from Automated Logic. The virtual integrator monitors large volumes of data across various building systems, sub-systems, and devices – regardless of the manufacturer. The data can then be turned into actionable insights to help operators improve overall building performance. Automated Logic, a leading provider of innovative building automation systems, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

With support for up to 50,000 data points, the OptiFlex virtual integrator runs on a single computer server. This deployment model saves considerable installation labor and mounting space in comparison to hardware gateways, which typically support between 1,000 and 5,000 integration points each and require wall mounting. These hardware gateways can be cost prohibitive on large integration projects.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers a scalable, space-saving integration solution,” said Mead Rusert, president, Automated Logic. “With the OptiFlex virtual integrator, customers no longer have to worry about physical gateways consuming valuable wall space. In addition, they may also see a lower cost of ownership, as they can replace multiple hardware-based gateways with a single, software-based platform that can be scaled up to meet their future needs.”

This virtual integrator connects directly to the building LAN and supports simultaneous BACnetTM TCP/IP and Modbus® TCP/IP protocol integration – two of the most commonly used communication protocols in the commercial building space. The OptiFlex virtual integrator also includes a flexible and expandable licensing model, allowing customers to add additional protocols and data points at any time based on building needs.

The platform collects data from multiple, diverse building systems and shares it with the WebCTRL® building automation system, where operators can monitor all of their systems through a single, web-based user interface. The WebCTRL system brings the operational health of buildings to life with online tools such as graphics, dashboards, reports, and trends – giving operators real-time visibility into their building operations and helping them gain insights for improvements.

The virtual integrator also includes new commissioning tools for technicians. A web-accessible, table-based user interface makes it fast and easy to connect, configure and commission third party devices, as well as sort, categorize and scale data points. Alarms and trends can also be enabled and configured for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

For more information on the new OptiFlex virtual integrator platform, please visit If you would like to see a demo of the new virtual integrator or the WebCTRL building automation system, please contact your local Automated Logic field office.