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Bas University (BASU) is the training arm for Automated Logic, offering hands-on, task-based learning opportunities for both owner/operator and field office personnel alike.


Automated Logic offers online and in-person training classes across the globe. Whether you are an owner, operator, or technician, our certified training classes include hands-on labs to build proficiency with our WebCTRL® building automation system and associated products.

Explore specialized solutions that thelp address challenges across a range of industries

Automated Logic has factory-authorized training centers around the world, making it easy and convenient to get trained and certified on our products either online or at a location near you.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our training centers have suspended in-person classes and are now offering online courses only.

View each location’s training schedule by clicking the city or region to learn more.

Central Europe

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Southern Europe

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North West Europe

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Latin America

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Middle East

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South Asia

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Course Catalog

Review our catalog to learn more about the classes that we offer.

Certification Tracks
The Owner/Operator certification track is for customers who would like to learn how to use the capabilities and features of the WebCTRL® system to effectively manage and maintain their facility, regardless of industry type or size.
This track is for owners/operators who are new to the WebCTRL system. Participants will connect to a live WebCTRL system to learn how to manage their building. Once certified, students will understand schedules, trends, alarms, and other fundamental WebCTRL features.
This track is designed for owners/operators who would like to learn more about WebCTRL’s advanced features, including advanced reporting, advanced security, alarm actions, and WebCTRL add-ons. Once certified, students will be able to diagnose and troubleshoot their WebCTRL system using WebCTRL alarms, trends, reports, and live logic pages.
This track is designed for owners/operators who would like to enhance their skills with the entire WebCTRL application suite, including the EIKON® graphical programming tool, SiteBuilder, and ViewBuilder. Once certified, students will be able to create custom control programs and graphics, and also build/manage their WebCTRL system in SiteBuilder. Networking standards, as well as how to troubleshoot advanced networking issues on their WebCTRL system, are also included.


Field Technician

The Field Technician certification tracks are for Automated Logic dealer technicians and customers to better prepare them for obstacles they may face in the field. Courses in these certfication tracks allow for dealership employees and end‐users to train side-by-side to gain the unique perspecive of each role, while preparing studentss to confidently install, commission, troubleshoot, and edit WebCTRL systems.

This track is designed for field technicians who are new to a WebCTRL system and HVAC. Topics covered include controller point checkout as well as how to edit control programs and graphics. Once certified, students will be able to identify key HVAC equipment, install and configure Automated Logic hardware, and download programming throughout a building network.
This track is designed for field technicians who will develop a complete controls system. Once certified, students will be able to diagnose, troubleshoot, and edit issues with programming, graphics, networks, and system architecture. Topics covered include all applications that make up a WebCTRL system.
This track is designed for field technicians who will create custom programming and graphics, add third-party mechanical systems to the WebCTRL system, and troubleshoot common networking issues using sniffer tools such as Wireshark®. Many advanced theories, tips, and strategies are discussed, including WebCTRL add-ons, WebCTRL security, and database integrity. Once certified, students will be able to commission, troubleshoot, and fine-tune a WebCTRL system, and and be proficient with the integration of third-party BACnet® and Modbus® devices.
Training Formats
Instructor‐led event online in a virtual classroom using Zoom. Learners have access to a full-time instructor with remote access to a WebCTRL system.
Instructor-monitored event online. Learners have access to course videos with Q&A message boards to achieve a complete learning experience from a location of their choosing.
Automated Logic is continually adding online video content to our Training Portal; currently 100+ videos.
Instructor-led event with student workstations to represent real‐life scenarios with hands-on tasks.
Instructor-led event at a location of your choosing. Automated Logic’s Factory Authorized Instructors provide all necessary materials for a complete learning experience.
IACET Accredited Provider
Automated Logic Corporation is an accredited provider of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)
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