Automated Logic building control solutions increases occupant comfort, produces a healthier environment and provides energy savings.  We partner with customers around the world in various markets such as commercial office buildings, educational facilities, industrial plants, healthcare facilities, government complexes, hospitality/entertainment venues, retail locations and more.

Commercial Office Buildings

Commercial office buildings are just one type of facility that relies on Automated Logic as its total energy solutions provider. Check out some of our work below.

Mission Critical Facilities

Automated Logic has extensive experience with data center and mission critical projects. Our knowledge of the mission critical environment, as well as the control systems that operate them, allows us to improve overall efficiency (PUE), while also maintaining reliability.

Higher Educational Facilities

Automated Logic helps Higher Education facilities lower their energy footprint while improving environmental conditions in the classroom. The improved facilities operate better which results in higher student and faculty satisfaction and reduced environmental impact.

Healthcare Facilities

The Automated Logic solution gives healthcare providers the tools to fully understand their operations and analyze the results, with the goal of improved performance delivering higher patient satisfaction, boosting HCAHPS scores and lower operational costs.


Automated Logic delivers first class performance to world class hospitality customers.

Municipal and Government Facilities

Automated Logic delivers sustainable, energy efficient building control solutions from sea to shining sea. As a GSA Contract holder government and municipal customers can purchase Automated Logic products directly from the factory, or contract through their local Authorized Automated Logic Dealer.

Miscellaneous Facilities

Whether it’s a commercial office building, industrial plant, government complex, entertainment venue, retail location, critical mission, healthcare or educational facility, Automated Logic has been, and continues to be, the choice for thousands of business owners.


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