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CTRLSpecBuilder® Specification Tool

As part of its ongoing commitment to the engineering community, Automated Logic Corporation (ALC), created the CTRLSpecBuilder® specification tool. Since its debut in 2003, the CTRLSpecBuilder tool has been accessed by thousands of registered users from over 50 countries and has been used to create over 35,000 specifications.

CtrlSpecBuilder helps engineers specify BACnet systems. CtrlSpecBuilder is a free online tool ( designed to help engineers create specifications for HVAC control systems. Based upon ASHRAE Guideline 13-2015, it creates non-proprietary specifications that follow CSI MasterFormat 95. It also creates Sequences of Operation, Point Lists, and Schematics for the most common HVAC equipment and incorporates these into the specification. The completed specification can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word file, and the schematics can be downloaded as AutoCAD files.

It helps engineers create specifications in a fraction of the time that it used to take because it allows them to build the specification by answering questions about the scope of the project. Then, by using simple drop-down menus, the engineer can generate sequences of operation, point lists, and schematics for all HVAC equipment in the project. The resulting specification is open and vendor-neutral, allowing multiple control system suppliers to bid on it. This is great for building owners as proprietary control systems limit competition and tend to cost more over the life of the facility.

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