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The Players

Silver Cross is building on its commitment with a replacement hospital – just three short miles from the current campus. The improved facility will enhance quality, safety and service within an environment designed for future technology. New programs, including an enhanced partnership with Children’s Memorial Hospital, will bring new services to our patients and improve the health of the community.

The Solution

Silver Cross Hospital has a commitment to protecting individual as well as community health which is exemplified by optimizing every opportunity to be “green” in the design, construction, operations and maintenance of the new campus. The design and construction team is integrating the strategies of LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification into the development of the new hospital. This includes:

  • Design of the mechanical systems to be highly efficient
  • Using recycled and other environmentally conscious materials for greater sustainability
  • Maximizing site – open green space
  • Incorporating sustainable forestry certified woods
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions
  • Including low volume plumbing fixtures
  • Designing a building exterior with a high R value
  • Maximizing daylight and open views
  • Specifying interior low emitting materials that promote high indoor air quality
  • Reducing roof-heat island effect by use of green or white roofs
  • Using regional building materials to the greatest extent possible
  • Utilizing high efficiency fluorescent lamps for lighting
Client: Silver Cross Hospital
Location: New Lenox, IL
Controls Contractor: Automated Logic Chicago
Project Type: Replacement hospital
Building Size: 6 Floors, 289 Patient Rooms, 553,000 Square Feet
Objectives: Ensure that Silver Cross can continue to meet their Mission now and for the next 100 years
Design Considerations: Integrated LEED strategies and sustainable design, construction, operations and maintenance
Major Decision Drivers: Budget, schedule, and execution capability
HVAC Controls: Automated Logic’s WebCTRL
Installation Date: 2009-2012
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