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The Players

T-Mobile operates one of the largest 5G networks in the United States and is one of the nation’s fastest growing wireless carriers, adding 1.3 million customers in Q1 2022. Keeping the company’s nationwide system of data center and telecom facilities up and running for T-Mobile’s rapidly expanding base of over 100 million active users—who require ever increasing amounts of uninterrupted, high-volume bandwidth—is crucial.

In 2014, T-Mobile sought a strategic partner to implement a standardized, fully scalable building automation system (BAS) that could unify and fully integrate with the hundreds of sites across the company’s rapidly growing critical portfolio of telecom facilities and infrastructure. In addition to helping ensure uptime, the new BAS would need to enhance energy efficiency and environmental sustainability—and provide system operators with a “single pane of glass” for centralized monitoring, trending, and alarming of T-Mobile’s mechanical HVAC and electrical systems.

The Solution

The established telecommunications expertise of the Automated Logic - Strategic Accounts group, along with its dedicated execution team and 24x7x365 call center, made it the ideal candidate to meet the challenge.

Following an in-depth selection process in 2014, Automated Logic – Strategic Accounts was selected as the standard national BAS contractor for T-Mobile’s critical facilities portfolio, and began helping the mobile carrier develop its basis of design and standardize and implement its systems and processes across its sites. Automated Logic then installed its building automation solutions in T-Mobile’s hundreds of data centers, mobile telecom switching offices (MTSO), distributed antennae sites (DAS), call centers, commercial office buildings, and signature stores.

Tying together hundreds of thousands of points, the new system leverages Automated Logic’s WebCTRL® system to provide T-Mobile with a “single pane of glass” for centralized monitoring, trending, and alarming of their mechanical HVAC and electrical systems. Bolstered by the standardization Automated Logic delivers across the company’s building management system portfolio, this has led to substantial system-wide increases in reliability, global scalability, consistency across installations, and energy and operational efficiencies.

Today, Automated Logic continues to manage and monitor over 145 T-Mobile sites and provides the mobile carrier with a single scalable, repeatable, “deploy anywhere” solution that can get new critical facilities up and running faster—and keep them operating more reliably and cost-effectively—than was previously possible.

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Client: T-Mobile
Location: United States (Nationwide)
Project Type: Integrated, multi-site building automation and management system (BAS/BMS)
Building Usage: Mobile data centers, mobile telecom switching offices (MTSO), call centers, distributed antennae sites (DAS), and signature stores
Objectives: Reliable uptime, centralized monitoring and control across telecom portfolio, remote alarming/trending, improved efficiency, and increased sustainability
Design Considerations: Standardization, scalability, and consistency across all BMS systems
Major Decision Drivers: Ability to cost-effectively meet or exceed T-Mobile’s project objectives, specifications, and timeline
Branch Office: Automated Logic - Strategic Accounts