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The Players

Automated Logic Corporation was founded in 1977 and manufactures high performance building automation systems that make buildings smarter, more energy efficient, and more comfortable.

WebCTRL®, Automated Logic’s web-based building automation system, allows building operators to manage all of their building systems, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, (HVAC), lighting, fire, and security through a variety of internet devices.

Automated Logic is committed to providing energy efficient building solutions for their own customers, and wanted to implement those same solutions in their own headquarters campus located in Kennesaw, Georgia to reach their sustainability and conservation goals.

The Solution

In 2016, Automated Logic created the “Green Team” with employees from several key functions to help reduce energy usage for water and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) for the site.

After completing an energy assessment, the team developed an action plan to reduce water use and GHG emissions - starting with building controls. All building sensors and controllers are controlled and monitored by the WebCTRL system. The WebCTRL system is used to manage the energy conservation measures, monitor water usage for irrigation as well as provide alarms for any leaks, while keeping employees and customers comfortable all at the same time. The team also set up automated adaptive occupancy-based scheduling, and zone and schedule monitoring to ensure that the HVAC equipment was only running during occupied periods to further reduce energy usage and costs.

In addition, capital improvement projects were implemented to reduce the GHG footprint while improving comfort, reliability, and operating flexibility. Some lights were replaced with new energy efficient LED lighting, and water fixtures were replaced with low flow fixtures to lower water usage. In addition the HVAC units were nearing end of life, so they were replacd with Carrier 50A WeatherMaker® rooftop units. Despite adding 1 additional 35-ton unit, the team still managed to reduce the energy footprint while providing improved operating flexibility. The building’s roof was replaced with a white reflective roof, known as “cool roofing” to reduce the building’s temperature and therefore, reducing the amount of energy to cool it during the hot summer months.

Automated Logic has reduced the building’s GHG by 22% and cut the water consumption by 55%. The team is working towards an additional 2% reduction in GHG in 2021, with an additional 10% reduction in GHG by 2025.

Client: Automated Logic
Location: Kennesaw, Georgia
Installation Date: 2021
The Challenge:
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Decrease water consumption.
  • Reduce carbon footprint while improving occupant comfort, reliability and operating flexibility.